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Delights of Crete

Organic Cretan Sage- To Fillo

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Sage has been considered a sacred herb since the times of antiquity, a salvaging and saving herb. Its very name, Salvia, comes from the Latin "salvare", to salvage, save. Different Sage species have been used around the world for thousands of years. Its said to remove negative energies and is associated with the idea of wisdom. In the Medieval times, sage was considered a 'panacea', a 'cure-all', and was cultivated in monastery gardens. Sage also plays a part in many Muslim rituals, at weddings and births as an incense. It has a fragrance similar that of White Sage (Salvia apiana). Loose incense is generally burnt on charcoal tablets.  The leaves can also used as a tea. One leaf is enough for a cup.

The fragrance, burned in an aroma lamp alerts the senses, is tonic to the mind, sharpens the memory and is useful to have around in cases of mental fatigue, exhaustion and depression. More an intellectual fragrance, it aids in times of emotional upheavals and crises, brings clarity of mind and strength.

This herb was sustainable and carefully handpicked from the wild  in the mountains of Crete.

Other names: Cretan White Sage, Sage, Greek wild sage, Salvia triloba, Salvia fruticosa, Faskomilo, Sage Apple, Khokh barri,