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Delights of Crete

OMAS Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Wild 100ml Dorica

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Nowadays, it has been recognised that Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Wild olive trees contains a higher concentration of polyphenols (e.g oleocanthal) so as to be considered a functional food and used as medicine of dietary supplement, thanks to its more powerful antioxidant properties, compared to conventional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


At Meskla, a mountainous village of the Chania prefecture, with slopes covered in wild olive trees, the fruit is collected and Wild Olive Oil is available in the market, through the cooperation of the agricultural cooperative of Meskla and the company ABEA. It is a traceable Extra Virgin Olive, of limited harvest, called OMAS (meaning team in ancient Greek) showcasing the team effort of both sides to create a highly nutritious food and also illustrate the biodiversity of the land.