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Delights of Crete:

We are a cluster of 4 companies based historically around the Crete. Our areas of expertise include, processing of: olive oil and its derivatives, grains, citrus fruits and milk. We are:

1) Mills of Crete S.A: Founded in 1927 in the Souda bay area.

Highly specialised in flour milling and animal feed processing: Oliveoleic Animal Feed.

Producers of a wide range of flours and bread mixes, under the brand name Mills of Crete ΜύλοιΚρήτης.

For a more detailed view of our flours, please check our brochure.

2) A.B.E.A: Founded in 1889, originally located in the "Nea Chora" region of Chania, right outside the western wall of the Old Town.

Processes and bottles olive oil, from pomace to extra virgin and producer of olive based cosmetics, under the ABEA and OLIVA brands.

For a more detailed view, please have a look at our ABEA brochure & our OLIVA brochure.

3) ΒΙΟΧΥΜ: Founded in 1957 in the heart of the modern town of Chania.

Juicer and processor of citrus fruit which about in the western plane of Chania.

Produces juice concentrates under the BIOXYM brand and fresh juice under the Creta Fresh brand.

For a more detailed view, please have a look at our brochure.

4) Vero Cretan: Founded in 1999 on the western part of Herakleion, capital of the island of Crete.

Specialised in goat milk and its derivatives, along with cow and sheep milk. Produces fresh goat and cow milk along with yogurt and cheese products.

For a more detailed view, please have a look at brochure.

Our varying specialisation, along with our long history in the island has given us a great love and respect for the produce available on Crete. While its culinary treasures are many their true worth is when combined. The Cretan Diet and way of life have been recognized by international community for its many health benefits. Of course among the locals and the many guests visiting the island it is well know that it is also a true delight.

We hope to help you explore and enjoy these flavors. At present we have one outlet available at Skalidi 116, Chania, Crete, Greece. We hope to be available in an outlet near you in the near future.

This is our first foray into e-commerce, but our catalog will be expanding as we are expanding our catalogue, through in house R&D as well as bringing in quality products from our numerous partners.