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Organic Herbal Teas

Organic Cretan Herbs by Tofillo! Certified organic herbal tea products that are carefully handpicked to ensure their high quality.

Malotira is a herb from the ironwort family which can only be found in the mountain ranges of western Crete. Many experts over the years have recognized the herbs' medicinal properties and it's benefits for the heart, the digestive and immune systems. The Malotira by Tofillo is an organic product, grown and dried completely naturally in order to preserve...

The fruity lemon scent of Verbena has been “married” with the strong taste of Dittany, creating a delightful beverage of special taste which combines the beneficial properties of both herbs.

Used for over 5000 years for it's healing properties, Dittany is also known as the "love of Crete". Among it's many benefits it can soothe stomach and bowel pains, help with bad breath and gingivitis and reduce stress. The organic dittany by Tofillo is grown and dried completely naturally in order to preserve it's flavor and beneficial properties. Enjoy...

Bring some freshness into your day with the beautiful scent of lemon verbena and reap its many benefits. Apart from helping with digestion, this herb can also contribute to reduced levels of stress, better sleep and help speed up muscle recovery after intense exercise. Enjoy lemon verbena as a tea, hot or cold, or add it to your dishes for unique flavor...

The beautiful, intense aroma of sage leaves makes for a very special brew. Used in ancient medicine as a cure-for-all, sage is recognized around the world for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Organically grown and carefully packaged, the Cretan sage by tofillo brings authentic, natural flavor to every cup.

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