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Natural Herb Blends

A collection of Greek seasoning blends that is constantly enriched, easy to use for connoisseurs and beginners! Add the unique flavor of Cretan cuisine to all your dishes.

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is the most characteristic aromatic herb-spice in every Mediterranean dish. Its spicy taste and aroma are combined perfectly with olive oil and give an exquisite delicious touch to our daily diet.

Cooking blend MADARA for vegetables comes to complement their taste with Cretan aromas. Oregano with Sage give tension, Sweet chilli flakes and onion caramelize, while Orange boosts the flavours and aromas of vegetables.

Cooking blend MADARA for Cretan marinades combines Savory with Sage, Rosemary with Verbena, Oregano with Sweet Chilli Flakes and Pepper, creating a mixture rich in flavors and aromas. Perfectly complements grilled and baked meats.

Thyme (Thymus) is intensely aromatic, with a strong, rich taste and slight spiciness. It complements sauces, fish, meat, soups, vegetables, salads and pasta. It makes delicious marinades and goes especially well with olive oil!

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