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MILLS OF CRETE is among the biggest companies in Crete and the most important mills in Greece, with daily milling capacity of 450 tons of wheat and animal feed production capacity of 500 tons per day.

The modern techniques and technology used led to the production of a wide variety of flours for any usage that cover the current requirements of bread making and pastry making. Today for the needs of Professional customers are produced more from 300 types of flours. At the same time, the company's experts can develop with the customers, mixtures of flours exclusively for them.

The activities of MILLS OF CRETE now extend to the following fields: Flour, Dairy products, Oat Drinks, Animal Feed and Biofuels. In addition, they have taken on a leading role in the Delights of Crete trade partnership.

Mills of Crete has recently launched two new types of flour: Low Glucemic Index Flour (Low GI) & Tritordeum Flour

It is the perfect choice for the preparation of traditional Cretan recipes and dough. Ideal for kalitsounia, lychnarakia and all kinds of pies, such as mince pies, cheese pies, spinach pies, etc.

Flour enriched with iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 which helps the formation if blood and normal cognitive performance. Suitable for all uses.

Hard Flour is produced from selected wheats and is suitable for many cooking and pastry applications of cooking and pastry in your kitchen.You can open pie dough and is suitable for all kinds of cakes, pizza, donuts etc.

Flour from organic wheat. It is an all purpose flour ideal for uses such as cakes, honey, buns, pies, frying, sauces etc.

Pizza dough mix is produced from selected wheat and it the ideal choice for delicious homemade pizzas. All you have to do is add water and oil for a perfect pizza dough and add the extra ingredients of you choice.

Farina is a self-raising flour and gives an appetizing look and success in all your recipes.Suitable mainly for cakes and for many other pastry types that require swelling.

Superior quality, pure and traditional. Ideal for halva samali and pecan pie.

Superior quality, pure and traditional ideal for ravani, pies, cakes and pasta.

The ideal option for convenient preparation of homemade whole wheat bread, because it only needs water. Made from flour derived from the whole fruit of wheat, thus has a higher content of fiber, vitamins and minerals than white flour.

Flour from organic wholegrain wheat from the dikokko (farro) variety. It is ideal for a healthy wholegrain bread and other bakery products.

Suitable for all cooking and pastry applications where flour is needed. Ideal for cakes, cookies, buns, pies, sauces and lots of other dishes.

The Cake & Muffin mix is made from selected raw materials and is the perfect choice for convenient and quick preparation of homemade cakes and muffins. All you have to do is add water and oil and extra cocoa or fruit depending on your mood.

The Country bread mix is produced from selected hard wheat. It is the ideal choice for convenient preparation of homemade bread. All you have to do is add water. Try it in as many variations as possible.

The Bun flour is a strong flour, enhanced and specially designed for home preparation of brioche dough. Creates smooth and fluffy dough, easy to molding and products with excellent taste. Ideal for sweet breads such as brioche, panettoni, croissants, donuts, etc.

Your first choice for all those delicious dishes which need flour or batter. Thanks to the special composition of a simple flour, a uniform and crisp crust is ensured, which does not allow the oil to penetrate the food and render it heavy and indigestible.

Soft flour is made from soft wheat and is mainly for pastry. Ideal for many desserts such as cakes, honey cakes (melomakarona), cookies, biscuits, etc.

Tritodeum is a new natural cereal, born from the crossbreeding of hard wheat and wild barley. It contains glutten of a different quality than that of wheat, which makes it easier to digest. It contains 10 times more Lutein than wheat, which is an anti-oxidant beneficial for eye and skin health. It contains more elaic acid than wheat, elaic acid being a...

Flour mix composed of wheat and carob flour.Wheat for its baking properties. Carob for the nutrition benefits and flavor profile.

Oat wholegrain flour rich in fibers. 100% oats. Ideal for oat baked goods

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